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Rocky Mountain Braille Associates LLC

Workshops and Trainings Offered

Create Stunning Tactile Graphics with Phoenix and Firebird

Workshop type: Demonstration and discussion OR Hands-on in computer lab setting using the software and files provided for the training.

Time required: 1-1.5 hours - Introduction and demonstration of hardware and software

Description:   Textbooks and work-related documents include enormous amounts of content presented only in images. Learners of all ages who are braille readers require comparable tactile graphics to be able to access all of the content in print. In this practice-oriented workshop, new hardware and software for producing tactile graphics will be demonstrated.

Outcomes:  Participants will

  • explore features and techniques used in creating a graphic from a scanned image with Firebird software
  • discuss and apply best practices in tactile graphics design, based on the newly released "BANA Guidelines and Standards for Tactile Graphics"
  • evaluate graphics embossed by the Phoenix braille and graphics embosser
  • compare tactile graphics created with several different processes and discuss educational implications of production method choices


2012-13 Presentations
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Orlando, FL

Foundation for Blind Children
Phoenix, AZ

Perkins School for the Blind
Watertown, MA

DIAGRAM Center/Benetech
Asilomar, CA

Grafton Braille Service Center
Grafton, OH

Diagrams 2012
Canterbury, United Kingdom

AER International
Seattle, WA

Norfolk Public Schools
Norfolk, VA

Easter Seals Arkansas
Little Rock, AR

CDE State Conference on B/VI
Denver, CO

Accessing Higher Ground
Westminster, CO

ATIA 2013
Orlando, FL

Virginia AER
Richmond, VA

NFB Tactile Graphics Conf.
Baltimore, MD